Market Report

Albies Providores Market Report

24th to 31st March 2020

We are all going through challenging and uncertain times. We want you to know that we are here for you. The hospitality industry is a tough and resilient community, full of people with passion, strength and very strong bonds. We need to all work together and support each other and those around us.

We will be operating as usual to supply you with fresh fruit and vegetables. The market has taken a big hit and supplies are low and prices are up. We are working as hard as we can to support you all, no matter what you need - five pallets of vegetables or a few bunches of basil. Contact us and we will do our best to make it happen!


Asparagus – Supplies are steady. Local season is done and imported from Mexico is only about.

Bananas – The high heat has ruined many grows. Supply is good but prices on the higher side.

Beans – Still tough to come by and prices up. Supply is up and down. Due to weather conditions and transport issues.

Beetroot – Prices are up!Baby and Target are good at the moment. There is some white about. Some local farms has experienced water damage due to all the recent rain. So local beetroots are up and down.

Brussel Sprouts – Quality is good, but very low supply. Prices have improved a little.

Broccoli and Broccolini – Broccoli supply from Victoria is extremely low. Prices are VERY VERY HIGH. Broccolini is also affected.

Capsicum – Supply is low due to a late planting season earlier in the year. Heat in Queensland is taking a toll on the quality. Greens are high. Red is steady. Yellows are coming in. Whites are about while its still warm. Prices are getting better. South Australian season is coming in. So supplies and prices should improve.

Carrots – Wet conditions have pushed up prices slightly. Baby/ Dutch local carrots have been water logged from all the recent rain. Supply will be temp low and quality steady.

Cauliflower – HIGH prices and quality has taken a hit due to the current conditions. Supplies are low.

Celery – – Supplies are low and prices are high.

Chillies – Queensland Long Red supplies are very good. Habanero red and yellow. Thai, Birdseye, Jalapeno (Price up), Turkish are around. The super hot Carolina Reapers also available.

Corn – Supplies are good. Thai baby corn & Baby Corn in the husk are available. Local corn is better than other states.

Cucumber – Lebanese prices are up. Telegraph prices are good this week.

Eggplant – All available. Good quality.

Fennel – Supplies from Victoria are great and prices are steady. Finger Fennel is in supply and top quality.

Greens – Prices are a little up. Silverbeet, Shallots, English Spinach, Chicory, Kale and Rainbow Chard, all in supply, Rapa is limited. Local Kohlrabi supplies are good. Red Chard is available also. Watercress is low.

Garlic and Ginger – Local garlic is available but low supply. Imported garlic high as limited and expensive due to the imports from China. Black and Smoked garlic is available. Ginger has a bump in price.

Kale – In season and in good supply.

Leeks – Supplies steady. Pencil leeks good too.

Lettuce – Prices are up! Butterleaf is limited. Cos supplies are slowing. Iceberg supply is reducing. Radicchio, Treviso are low. Prices are taking a hit from the shortages.

Mushrooms – Supplies are low. Even on some of the common varieties. Prices have jumped up. Pines are in. Pearls are in at times. Nameko will be coming towards May.

Onions – All prices up. Round & Banana Eschallots, Cipollini are available. Queensland Large Brown are limited. Spanish steady as usual. Spring Onions supplies are low.

Parsnip, Turnips and Swedes – Local season still has not started. Prices are steady. Quality is good.

Peas – Some varieties are limited. Snow peas have increased in price.

Potatoes – Prices are steady. Sebago is between growers at the moment, as are some other types. Large sizes of some potatoes are in low supply due to the extreme changes in weather locally. Chipping potatoes are low.

Pumpkin – Supplies are increasing. Can be a little on the small side with Japs. Peeled pumpkin has taken a slight increase.

Radish – Supplies are strong for red and mixed varieties. Daikon is around.

Tomatoes – Roma and rounds quality has decreased. Supplies at times are low. Especially for good quality. And prices are UP. Cherry varieties have increased in price.

Wombok – Prices are high! Supplies from farms have decreased.

Zucchini – Local grower supplies are coming in. Medium and large are all over the place. Quality is good. Greys are about. Prices are only slightly increasing. Flowers also available, but were up and down in supplies last week.

Herbs – Steady prices at the moment. Shortages at the moment due to heavy rains.

Edible Flowers – Supplies were up and down last week due to heavy rains.


Apples – Coming into a good season. Prices are up on Greens and Reds. Juicing is steady. Quality is good. Locals are better. Royal Gala, Jonathon, Granny Smith, Delicious and Golden Delicious apples are all available.

Apricots – Finished for the season.

Avocados – Prices are steadying and supplies are improving. The current season grow are lower than usual.

Bananas – Supplies from Queensland have improved and supplies have increasing. Banana leaves have improved. And prices are getting better.

Blackberries – Supply has dropped this week. Prices reflect this.

Blueberries – Quality is getting back to normal and prices are slowly improving.

Chestnuts – Coming in.

Figs – Quality is great. Season is under way. Local figs are a good price.

Grapes – Local and Imported Green and Red in supply. Golden around. Black Currant available. Improving. Very good quality. Cotton Candy is available.

Grapefruit – Quality of Queensland Ruby Grapefruit are good. Supplies are dropping.

Kiwifruit – New Zealand season is finishing and Italian season is coming in. Supplies are low. Kiwi Berries are here.

Lemon – Supplies are low and not the best quality. Imports. Prices are still high!

Lime – Supplies are good and prices are coming down. Fingers are in good supply.

Mangoes – Season has come to an end. Some Greens still around.

Melons – Watermelons from Northern Territory are very good. Supplies of Rockmelons and Honeydews are good. Candymelon is great at the moment.

Oranges – American Navels are good quality, but expensive. Blood Oranges are done. Valencias are available. Australian stock is slightly green. If you need orange Oranges then please inform us when ordering.

Papaya – In good supply and have excellent quality and value. Green Papaya is also available.

Passion fruit – Prices still at the higher end. Black passion fruit supply is low.

Peaches and Nectarines – Australian supplies of Yellow and White are very good. Saturn or Donut Peaches are in. Nectarines are also great at the moment.

Pears – Prickly Pears are in supply. The small Paradise Pears are around. Browns are not about. Prices are stable.

Plums – Prices are good. Sugars looking good, but firm.

Pineapples – Supplies are low at the moment. Bringing prices up.

Pomegranate – Slowly coming back. Australian season is coming in. American Season is closing. Supplies are up and down at the moment. Have not been available over the last few weeks. Can be on the small side.

Raspberries – Good Quality. Prices stable.

Strawberries – Quality is good. Prices have started to come down. Coming in from Victoria.

Exotic Fruit – Fresh Pistachio. Red & White Dragon fruit are available. Guava is about. Starfruit available. Finger Limes good. Lychees are done. Candy Grapes are here. Kiwi Berries are in supply.