Market Report

Albies Providores Market Report

4th to 11th August 2020


Asparagus – Due to imports from overseas, stocks are zero or VERY limited. Australian season should be started shortly just before spring. As spring begins prices will decreased and varieties will increase.

Artichokes – Globe and Jerusalems are in. Peak season. Babies are available.

Bananas – Supply has improved. Also has prices.

Beans – Supply from Victoria increasing across all types and improving slowly. Prices are heading down. Broads are great.

Beetroot – Quality and price has improved. Larges are great.

Bok Choy – Baby is looking great.

Brussel Sprouts – Quality is good. Prices are good. Purples are in.

Broccoli and Broccolini – Broccoli supply is increasing. Quality is great at the moment. Purple Broccolini is here.

Cabbage – Prices are heading down. Quality is good. Red is great.

Capsicum – Red and Green stocks are low and prices has slightly increased due to colder weather recently. We should see improvements in a few weeks.

Carrots – Looking good at the moment. From babies to large.

Cauliflower – Good supply. Fioretto, also known as Cauliflower Blossom is in.

Celery – Prices are becoming steady and supply getting better.

Celeriac – Great at the moment. Perfect time.

Chillies – Plenty of varieties are available. Contact us for a full list!

Choko – Good at the moment. Getting popular.

Corn – Prices are still very high. Due to colder than usual growing conditions in Queensland.

Cucumber – Lebanese cucumber has jumped up in price. Instead use telegraph as price has decreased.

Eggplant – Good quality but prices are a little high. Supplies coming in from Victoria.

Fennel – Supplies from Victoria are great and prices are steady. Finger Fennel is good at the moment.

Garlic and Ginger – Imported garlic (peeled) is VERY LIMITED and expensive due to the imports from overseas. Local garlic is available but low supply. Black and Smoked garlic is available. Ginger has a bump in price. Possibly limited supply at times.

Kale – Is improving from the recent cold weather. Kalettes should be in. Cavlo Nero is low supply. Mixed boxes of leaves available.

Leeks – Prices are up! and on on the small side.

Lettuce – Prices have improved. Supplies are increasing all round. Iceberg is up. Raddicho from Victoria is spot on. Cos' price is improving. Iceberg is great.

Mushrooms – Most are good. Small fields are good. Portabellos and Enoki are low supply/ Price up. Slippery Jacks, Browns, Wood Ears, Oysters, Shemji small and large, King Browns in good supply. Pines finishing up. Nameko in a couple of weeks. Porcini shortly. Chestnut mushrooms Sept/ Oct.

Onions – Round & Banana Eschallots, Cipollini are available. Queensland Large Brown are limited. Spanish steady as usual. Spring Onions supplies are low.

Parsnip, Turnips and Swedes – Prices are steady. Quality is good. Parsnip is great.

Peas – Some varieties are limited. Snow peas have increased in price and low supply. Sugar Snaps are also low or zero for the next week or two.

Potatoes – Prices are steady. Chats are looking good.

Pumpkin – Supplies are increasing. Jap, Blue and Butternut are very good. All varieties about.

Radish – Supplies are strong for red and mixed varieties. Daikon is around.

Spaghetti Squash – Great at the moment.

Sweet Potato – In good supply at the moment. Very good.

Stinging Nettle – Available.

Tomatoes – Queensland season has started, but colder than usual conditions have caused roma and round tomatoes supply to decease and the price to increase. Heirloom tomatoes are going well.

Witlof – Looking good at the moment.

Wombok – Good supply and quality. Baby wombok is about.

Zucchini – Supplies are great. Prices should be good.

Micro Herbs and Flowers – They are looking good. Still contact us in advance if your kitchen needs anything special.


Apples – Pink Lady, Gala and most others are great. Red Delicious might be at a limited supply.

Avocados – Prices have gone up slightly. The harvest from the recent season is lower than expected.

Bananas – Supplies from Queensland are good. Banana leaves have improved. And prices are getting better.

Blackberries – Supply is improving Prices reflect this.

Blueberries – Prices are still up, but on the mend. Growing has increased.

Chestnuts – Doing very well at the moment.

Dragon fruit – In supply.

Grapes – Local and Imported in supply. Crimson, Black Muscat, Thompson, Sapphire, Sultana and seedless types are all in. Greens season is coming to a close.

Grapefruit – In good supply.

Kiwifruit – New Zealand season is finishing and Italian season is coming in. Greens and Golds around. Kiwi Berries are done. Reds might still be in. Ask first.

Lemon – Supplies improving with quality. Prices are getting better. Myers are / might be about this week! Bergamots coming.

Lime – VERY high in price at the moment. Due an early picking this season.

Logan – Available.

Mandarins – Australian mandarins are perfect at the moment. In season from now till October. Imperials from Queensland coming in slow.

Melons – Rock and Honeys have increased in price from the colder conditions up north.

Oranges – Great quality at the moment. Blood Oranges are great!

Papaya – In good supply and have excellent quality and value. Green Papaya is also available.

Passion fruit – Quality is good. Supplies are good.

Pears – Nashi, Corella, Williams, Packham and Buerru Bosc are all good at the moment.

Persimmons – In season. Most varieties are about, The common Hachiya and Fuyu are around. Soft and hard.

Pineapples – Weather up North is cold and wet. This is reducing the supply and bringing prices up.

Pomegranate – Supplies are up and down at the moment. Mostly good.

Quince – In good supply.

Raspberries – Good Quality. Prices high.

Rhubarb – Good at the moment.

Strawberries – Quality is good. Supplies are improving. Prices are on the way down.

Tangerine – Looking good.

Tamarillo – Locals available.