Market Report

Albies Providores Market Report

22nd to 29th September 2020


Asparagus – Australian season is going well. Quality is great. Purple and Whites are in!

Artichokes – Season is going well for Globe and Jerusalems. Babies are available.

Beans – All varieties are improving. Was a little touch and go. Broads are great!

Beetroot – Quality and price has improved for all.

Bok Choy – Baby is looking great.

Brussel Sprouts – Quality is good, but coming to an end. Purples not around.

Broccoli and Broccolini – Quality and price is great at the moment.

Cabbage – Prices good. Quality is great. Red is great.

Capsicum – Red and Green stocks are low and prices has slightly increased due to the colder weather recently. We should see improvements in a few weeks.

Carrots – Looking good at the moment. From babies to large. Heirlooms are great.

Cauliflower – Good supply. Fioretto/ Cauliflower Blossom is in and fantastic at the moment.

Celery – Price and quality is good.

Celeriac – Great at the moment.

Chillies – Plenty of varieties are available. Contact us for a full list!

Choko – Good at the moment. Getting popular.

Corn – Prices are starting to improve. Supplies are increasing. Though baby corn is short supply.

Cucumber – Cucumbers are doing well at the moment. Prices have come down.

Eggplant – Good quality but prices are a little high. Supplies coming in from Victoria.

Fennel – Supplies from Victoria are great and prices are steady. Baby is excellent.

Garlic and Ginger – Imported garlic (peeled) is limited and expensive due to the imports from overseas. Local garlic is available and bunches too. Black and Smoked garlic is available. Ginger has a bump in price. Possibly limited supply at times. Garlic shoots are available

Hazelnuts – Fresh are in supply.

Kale – Is improving from the recent cold weather. Kalettes are on the way out

Leeks – Prices are up! and on on the small side.

Lettuce – Prices have improved. Supplies are increasing all round. Iceberg is up. Raddicho from Victoria is spot on. Cos' price is improving. Iceberg is great.

Mushrooms – Still a short supply on most mushrooms.

Onions – The recent season has finished and the new season is flooding in. Quality and price should great.

Parsnip, Turnips and Swedes – Prices are steady. Quality is good. Parsnip is great. Swedes taste great at the moment.

Peas – Some varieties are limited. Local snow peas are about.

Potatoes – Potatoes are going great. Ask ahead if need any special varieties.

Pumpkin – Supplies are amazing. Jap, Blue and Butternut are very good. All varieties about.

Radish – Supplies are strong for red and mixed varieties. Daikon is around.

Spaghetti Squash – Great at the moment.

Sweet Potato – In good supply at the moment. Very good.

Silverbeet – Great at the moment.

Taro – In good supply. Jap too.

Tomatoes – Queensland season has started, and quality and supply is improving. Prices should also. Cherries are great. Heirlooms might be up!

Witlof – Quality is average. Red is high price!

Wombok – Good supply and quality. Baby wombok is about.

Zucchini – Supplies are great. Prices should be good. Flowers and stems are great too!

Micro Herbs and Flowers – They are looking good. Still contact us in advance if your kitchen needs anything special.


Apples – Price and supply is good for Pink Lady, Gala and most others. Red Delicious might be at a limited supply.

Avocados – Prices have gone up slightly, but definitely improving. The harvest from the recent season is lower than expected.

Bananas – Supplies and prices from Queensland are good. Banana leaves have improved.

Blackberries – Supply is improving. Prices reflect this.

Blueberries – Quality is great!

Durian – Available.

Grapes – Local and Imported in supply. Crimson, Black Muscat, Thompson, Sapphire, Sultana and seedless types are all in. Greens season is coming to a close.

Grapefruit – In great supply.

Kiwifruit – Greens and Golds are good.

Lemon – Supply is started to slow.

Lime – Still high in price at the moment. Due an early picking this season. PRICES IMPROVING

Mango – The first from the Northern Territory are in for the season! Australian KPs are here.

Mandarins – Australian mandarins are good. In season from now till October. Imperials from Queensland coming in.

Melons – Rock and Honeys have increased in price and quality/ size has decreased. From the colder conditions up north. Watermelon Seedless quality and price is getting better.

Oranges – Great quality at the moment. Blood Oranges are low supply.

Papaya – In good supply and have excellent quality and value. Green Papaya is also available.

Passion fruit – Quality is good. Supplies are good.

Pears – Corella and Packham are good at the moment.

Pineapples – Topless are in. Supply and prices are getting better due to the conditions up north.

Pomegranate – Supplies dropping as the season finishes and the imports from American start to come in.

Quince – In good supply.

Raspberries – Good Quality. Prices high.

Rhubarb – Good at the moment.

Strawberries – Quality is great as are prices.

Tangelo – In supply.

Tangerine – Looking good.

Tamarillo – Locals available.