Market Report

Albies Providores Market Report

26th May to 2nd June 2020

Over the coming weeks many locations will begin to open their doors for the first time in months. Wishing all the best and full support !

We will be operating as usual to supply you with fresh fruit and vegetables. We are working as hard as we can to support you all, no matter what you need - five pallets of vegetables or a few bunches of basil. Contact us and we will do our best to make it happen!


Asian Greens – All available and good quality

Asparagus – Supplies are low from America. And high prices.

Artichokes – Globe and Jerusalems are in. Peak season.

Bananas – Supply has improved. Also has prices.

Beans – Seeing improvements in price and quality from Victoria. Borlotti is coming in soon.

Beetroot – Baby and Target are good at the moment. There is some white about. Some local farms has experienced water damage due to all the recent rain. So local beetroots are up and down.

Brussel Sprouts – Quality is good and supply is improving. Prices should be getting much better. Purples are coming in soon!

Broccoli and Broccolini – Broccoli supply from Victoria has dropped due to cold weather coming in. Broccolini is also affected. Prices are getting better.

Capsicum – Some stocks are low and prices has slightly increased due to colder weather in Victoria recently.

Carrots – Looking good at the moment. From babies to large.

Cauliflower – Prices and supplies are not as good as normal. As the nights get cooler, supply and price will improve. Fioretto, also known as Cauliflower Blossom is in.

Celery – Prices are becoming steady and supply getting better.

Chillies – Plenty of varieties are available. Contact us for a full list!

Choko – Good at the moment. Getting popular.

Corn – Supplies are good, but Baby is low and up in price. Due to change in sources. Local corn is better than other states.

Cucumber – Lebanese prices are good. Telegraph are very good quality this week.

Eggplant – All available. Good quality. Prices are good. Supplies coming in from Victoria.

Fennel – Supplies from Victoria are great and prices are steady. Finger Fennel is in supply and top quality.

Garlic and Ginger – Local garlic is available but low supply. Imported garlic high as limited and expensive due to the imports from China. Mexican will be here in 2 weeks. Black and Smoked garlic is available. Ginger has a bump in price.

Kale – In season and in good supply. Kalettes coming soon!

Leeks – Prices are up!

Lettuce – Prices have improved. Supplies are increasing all round. Raddicho from Victoria is spot on.

Mushrooms – Supplies are good and prices are steady. Buttons are looking good. Pines are up in price and low supply.

Onions – Round & Banana Eschallots, Cipollini are available. Queensland Large Brown are limited. Spanish steady as usual. Spring Onions supplies are low.

Parsnip, Turnips and Swedes – Prices are steady. Quality is good. Parsnip is great.

Peas – Some varieties are limited. Snow peas have increased in price and low supply. Sugar Snaps are also low or zero for the next week or two.

Potatoes – Prices are steady. Chats are looking good.

Pumpkin – Supplies are increasing. Jap, Blue and Butternut are very good.

Radish – Supplies are strong for red and mixed varieties. Daikon is around.

Spaghetti Squash – Great at the moment.

Sweet Potato – In good supply at the moment. Very good.

Tomatoes – Romas and Rounds are in between seasons. Victoria moving up to Queensland. Prices and quality reflect this.

Wombok – Prices are have/ are returning to normal.

Zucchini – Prices have jumped up slightly. Quality is good. Greys are about. Flowers are still here (order them before the weekends and in advance).

Herbs – Steady prices at the moment. Quality and supplies have improved since all the rain we had.

Edible Flowers – Autumn supplies have come in and prices have become steady.


Apples – Into a good season. Great at the moment. Prices are good on both Greens and Reds. Juicing is steady. Quality is good. Locals are better. Royal Gala, Jonathon, Granny Smith, Delicious and Golden Delicious apples are all available. Ten or more varieties about.

Avocados – Great quality Queensland Hass will be in supply from now on. Avozillas might be available, please ask ahead (average of 1.2kg each)!!

Bananas – Supplies from Queensland are good. Banana leaves have improved. And prices are getting better.

Blackberries – Supply has dropped this week. Prices reflect this. Improving.

Blueberries – In between seasons at the moment. Prices are high! and supplies are low. This is continue for a few weeks till a new season begins. Improving.

Chestnuts – Autumn chestnuts are great at the moment. Prices is coming to its best.

Dragon fruit – In supply

Figs – Almost all gone. Ask ahead please!! Quality low.

Finger Lime – Great at the moment.

Grapes – Local and Imported in supply. Crimson, Black Muscat, Thompson, Sapphire, Sultana and seedless types are all in.

Grapefruit – Supplies are dropping.

Kiwifruit – New Zealand season is finishing and Italian season is coming in. Greens and Golds around. Kiwi Berries are done. Reds are here!

Lemon – Supplies improving with quality. Prices are getting better. Myers are / might be about this week!

Lime – Supplies are good and the price reflects this.

Logan – Available.

Mandarins – Australian mandarins are perfect at the moment. In season from now till October. Imperials from Queensland.

Melons – Watermelons from Northern Territory are very good. Candy melons are great
Supplies of Rockmelons have dropped this week.

Olives – Fresh available.

Oranges – Great quality at the moment. Blood Oranges are coming soon.

Papaya – In good supply and have excellent quality and value. Green Papaya is also available.

Passion fruit – Supplies are decreasing. Some prices reflect this.

Pears – Corella, Williams, Packham and Buerru Bosc are all good at the moment.

Persimmons – In season. Most varieties are about, The common Hachiya and Fuyu are around. Soft and hard.

Pineapples – Supplies are low at the moment. Bringing prices up. improving.

Pomegranate – Supplies are up and down at the moment. Mostly good.

Quince – In good supply.

Raspberries – Good Quality. Prices stable.

Rhubarb – Good at the moment.

Strawberries – Due to the recent early cold weather. Quality is not the best. White around tops. Prices are high and supplies are low. This is continue for a few weeks till a new season begins. Improving each day.