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ARTICHOKES – QLD Jerusalem are available & a small amount of VIC Globes.

ASPARAGUS – The 500G Grande are no longer available but there is still regular VIC produce coming through & some imported White Asparagus.

BEETROOT – A small amount of Gold Beets can be sourced along with great local Baby & Large beets. A new crop of Target Beets is expected later this month.

BEANS – Handpicked Green beans are great quality & value, Butter Bean supplies are minimal & supplies of Borlotti, Broad & Roman continue to be low.

BROCCOLI – Broccoli has become very expensive with supplies very low, Borccolinni quality is very good.

BRUSSELS SPROUTS – Available but in short supply.

CABBAGES – Prices are still up on all varieties with Savoys the best value.

CARROTS – Great VIC Dutch are about as well as local Purple & Yellow Heirlooms.

CAPSICUMS – Greens are great value, quality Red & Yellow Capsicums remain dearer.

CAULIFLOWERS – In short supply with prices on the rise.

CELERY / CELERIAC – Both available with some good Celery about.

CHILLIS – Long Red Chilli’s are becoming very hard to access. Other varieties are ok for the moment.

CORN – QLD produce is excellent value.

CUCUMBERS – Lebanese Cucumbers are tight with prices up sharply. Qukes are not available & Telegraph quality & pricing remains stable.

EGGPLANTS – pPices are slowly on the rise with local hydroponic produce. Japanese Eggplant is very good & continues to be good value.

FENNEL – Quality & value has improved on Larger Fennel while Baby Fennel is quite good value.

HERBS & GREENS – There are still big shortages with Victorian Salad Mixes but quality on the whole has been quite good. VIC Chervil remains unavailable with only a very small amount of local produce about.

LEEKS – Victorian supplies remain low with prices steady.

MUSHROOMS – Oyster & Shitake Mushroom supplies are very low with possibly nothing available this weekend & there are no Namenko’s available.

PEAS – Stocks are minimal with only a very small amount hitting the markets

POTATOES & PUMPKIN – Desiree Potatoes are in between picking regions & supplies have become almost impossible to access due to the heat in South AUS. Prices have climbed quickly as a result. There should be a little extra stock next week. Other lines such as Kipfler, Dutch Cream & King Edwards are available. Sweet Potatoes of all varieties are available & Pumpkin quality & prices continue to be very good.

TOMATOES – Excellent Heirlooms are about, Oxheart supplies are lighter but still coming through, Cherry Truss have tightened up although we are getting some beautiful loose stock from local grower John Kazzi. Both Roma & Round Tomatoes are rising in price with stocks tightening a touch & Kumatoes are not available. Grape & Cherry Tomatoes are very good & remain good.

ZUCCHINI - Quality on local produce is very good but prices are up. Lebanese Zucchinis are also available as well as both male and female flowers.  


APPLES – New season Gala’s are going strong while stocks of Pink Lady, Granny’s & Red Delicious remain until other new produce comes in.

AVOCADOES – The last of the QLD Hass variety will be finishing up this week, with Shephards the go to fruit until hHss start again.

BANANAS – Prices have come back as more produce becomes available.

BERRIES – Quality on South Australian Strawberries has improved & prices are back a little from previous weeks. Raspberries & Blueberries out of Tasmania are very good & there is still the odd decent Blackberry popping up every now & then.

FIGS – Some very good quality local produce is available.

CITRUS – Lemons continue to be hard to get with prices remaining high, lLmes are in good supply & good value & QLD Grapefruits (Marsh & Ruby) are great quality. Finger Limes are available & there are some American Navels still about (both Blood & Normal) as well as Tangellos.

GRAPES – Thompson Seedless, Red Crimson & Black Muscat grapes are available along with some Sultana Grapes. Some fresh dried Sultana Grapes are also available.

MANGOES – Small supplies of Honey Gold & Palmers are still coming in numbers are limited.

MELONS - Melons of all varieties are great value & have plenty of flavour.

PEARS – Williams, Bosc & Nashi Pears are available. Corella’s & Packhams are expected over the next couple of weeks.

PINEAPPLES - Remain limited.

PISTACHIOS - Fresh Pistachios now in stock.

POMEGRANATES - New season Aussie Pomegranates are now in but they are still backward in colour.

QUINCE - Plenty in stock.

STONEFRUIT – Cherries, Lychees & Apricots have totally finished up. Peaches & Nectarines are not too far behind with the last of the Yellow Nectarines finishing up this week. Tegan Blue Plums are still about but numbers will be slowing up soon; Angelino & October Suns are starting & Sugar Plums are still available.

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